Flight Ultra Travel Ukulele Soprano - Swirl

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Inspired by the cosmic swirls, the Flight Swirl Ultra Travel features one of our coolest colorful designs! The Flight Swirl Ultra Travel Ukulele is a polycarbonate reinforced plastic soprano travel ukulele with a thin, resonant, and responsive lattice-braced soundboard and fluorocarbon strings, creating a bright and punchy sound. With a zero fret and precision engineering, the instrument features ideal action and excellent intonation for an enjoyable playing experience, and the slotted bridge makes string changes easy to accomplish. Get your Flight Swirl Ultra Travel Ukulele now, and play your favorite songs with it! Body Body Shape: Soprano (12 frets) Top: Reinforced Polycarbonate Plastic Back & Side: Reinforced Polycarbonate Plastic Bridge: Reinforced Polycarbonate Plastic Color: Swirl Print Strings: Flight Fluorocarbon Strings (Note: please do not use wound strings or strings with metal particles in them on this ukulele, as these types of strings can damage the frets and fretboard of the instrument) Strap Button: Yes Neck Neck: Reinforced Polycarbonate Plastic Fretboard: Reinforced Polycarbonate Plastic Nut & Saddle: Integrated with neck & bridge Zero Fret: Included Nut Width: 37,3mm Other Position Markers: 5th, 7th and 10th frets. Premium Features: Polycarbonate Reinforced Plastic Construction, Rounded Back, Flight Fluorocarbon Strings, Strap Button, Zero Fret, Thin Soundboard with Lattice Bracing, Slotted Bridge, Front and Side Position Markers, Open Geared Tuners, and Drawstring Gig Bag. This instrument is also available in various colors and designs.

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