Planetary Tuned Therapy Tuning Fork Day and Night Set

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This Meinl Sonic Energy Therapy Tuning Fork Set offers two planetary tuning forks in one set – Synodic Day and Earth-year. The Meinl Sonic Energy Planetary Tuned Therapy Tuning Forks are manufactured in Germany according to Hans Cousto's calculation (The Cosmic Octave). Each tuning fork is tuned exactly to the frequency of the respective celestial body in order to achieve a therapeutic effect. The Therapy Tuning Forks are larger and heavier than the Standard Tuning Forks. This allows them to swing longer and to be struck less often during a treatment or in the professional therapy area. The Therapy Tuning Forks are made of high-quality nickel plated steel and have a matte finish. Product Features: Two Planetary Tuned Therapy Tuning Forks in one set Engraved logo and tuning info Materials: Premium nickel plated steel Width inch: Height inch: 10.6 Depth inch: 2.7 Length inch: 5.5 Includes: TTF-HOLDER-2 Included Products: TTF-E-SY;TTF-E;TTF-HOLDER-2 Proposition 65: no Tuning: