Banjo 5-String - Transparent Green

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Breaking with the tradition, we added a fresh look to a familiar instrument. From our ukulele banjos to guitar banjos and the standard 5string models all instruments feature black banjo heads and a modern headstock to standapart from the crowd. 5 String Banjo,Hard maple neck,Quilted maple resonator,Maple fretboard,Maple ply rim,Brass tone ring,24 brackets,Hair-lined hardware,Diecast tuning machines,Remo head, fiber skin style,Semi-gloss finish,Deluxe banjo bag included Materials: White ABS,Maple,Maple,Quilted Maple,Brass Includes: Color: Green Color Head Stock: Color Body: Color Neck: Color Hardware: Chrome Material Back And Frames: Maple Material Neck: Maple Material Fretboard: Maple Binding Fretboard: White ABS Binding Body: White ABS Material Resonator: Quilted Maple Material Rim: Maple Material Tone Ring: Brass Finish Back: Satin Finish Frames: Satin Finish Neck: Satin Frets: 22 Strings Number: 5 Brackets Number: 24 Mechanics: Ortega Die Cast Head Type: Remo Fiber Skin, Black