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MEINL Artisan Edition Cajons are handmade in Spain with uncompromising craftsmanship for the most discerning of players. Meticulous care has gone into selecting the finest wood combinations, shaping the playing surface and body, and coiling the internal strings that create a crisp snare effect. Every last detail of these instruments is designed and constructed to achieve a quality of sound and feel unlike any other cajon.

Two sets of 3 pre-tuned strings
Rounded corners and thumb notches for optimal playing comfort and sound
Specially formulated soft rubber feet
Ergonomically rounded frontplate with convex contact
Elegant heat-branding on resonating body


Size: 11 1/4" X 19" 11 3/4"
Color: Light Eucalyptus
Resonating Body Material: Baltic Birch
Front Plate Material: Light Eucalyptus
Feature String: Two sets of 3 pre-tuned strings

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